Our dedication to learning started more than three decades ago.

First, we sought to motivate students through guided reading practice, helping students discover the pure joy books bring with Accelerated Reader. Next, we focused on measuring reading skills with quick assessments to guide classroom instruction, and Star Assessments were born. Soon after, Accelerated Math shined a light on math practice, 'aha' moments, and motivation. Most recently, we’ve forged strong relationships with others to create a seamless cycle of insight from assessment, planning for instruction, resources for reading and math practice, and a universal measure of mastery with Renaissance Flow 360.

Throughout the past three decades, we’ve amassed more than 2.8 billion real-world data points that show us exactly how students build skills and achieve mastery in core subjects. These data points help us continually refine and improve our solutions. Analysis of these data points—what we call learning analytics—helps us continually refine and improve our solutions.

Excellence in Service Rendered

ebek belongs to the family of "Bhavani Padhippakkham", a leading organization in educational publishing services, in operation for over 40 years catering to schools across the State of Tamil Nadu. The success of our organization is mainly due to the policy of "Excellence in Service Rendered".

We are pleased to introduce ourselves, as a leading English language training academy with a major footprint in the southern part of India. We impart effective English Language Communication Skills. We aim to bridge the gap that exists between the skill-set required by the corporate world and the skills acquired by the students through the regular course of study, thereby facilitating substantial improvement in the employability of students. To state briefly, ebek Language Laboratories Private Limited ( ebek) is an authorised Examination centre for Cambridge Assessment English (Part of the University of Cambridge, UK) for the conduct of the YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC and TKT Exams.

Renaissance at a glance:

  1. More then 52,000 schools worldwide
  2. Over one-third of all schools in the US
  3. Over 5,500 schools in the UK
  4. Over 96 countries worldwide
  5. Helping over 18 million students globally

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