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myON Reading School is an internationally accredited school that provides online guided reading program. It is a student-centered, personalised English literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books along with reading tools and more. It allows teachers to create projects, reading tasks, writing tasks and also monitor children.

myON Reading School combines modernity with the efficacy of traditional teaching. Every student is diagnosed to assess the right reading-age level and then recommended choice of books that will increase their skill set. Consequently, they read books and then take quizzes for the same. Teachers monitor the progress of their students through reports of projects and tasks.

By enrolling your child in a myON Reading School, your child is assured of a fun filled engaging atmosphere with a variety of content that keeps them productively occupied, while nourishing their brain. At the end of the programme, your child will get an international certificate.

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